• Medical Device Industry Transition Success

  • Imagine that you step onto the plane to board your next flight and your dental assistant neighbor is the pilot for the day. That might be cause for alarm. Or, what if the chef from your favorite restaurant was the doctor at your next well-check appointment? Now, we aren’t insinuating that these individuals couldn’t “do” the job, but there are times that we need to trust and rely on professionals with experience who are experts in their field.

    In many industries such as automotive, aerospace, high-tech and military, a set of clear rules and regulations have been established to analyze and certify reliability and safety. Our parent-partner Genesis Plastics Welding has had great growth and success in these markets, and in collaboration with their clients and has become a proven and dependable partner helping guide products from concept to the marketplace.

    How does the transition from one of these successful industries to the medical device market actually work?

    Working with an experienced partner like MedTech Launch can help bridge the gap between knowledge of a specific product genre or vertical market and the thought leadership required to transition that knowledge and expertise to the medical device world. We offer research and development, design, project management and serve as the conduit to a myriad of manufacturing and safety ins and outs. Like these other industries there are regulations to be followed and processes to be certified. By listening to the expectations of our customers and setting a successful strategy, the road to a successful medical device product launch can begin

    How can a collaboration with MedTech Launch help you transition to the medical device industry?

    MedTech Launch can help customers new to the medical device industry develop:

    Realistic budgets and timelines
    Strategy and infrastructure
    Vertical integration
    Device design and certification
    Application testing

    Why partner or outsource?

    The trend toward medical device outsourcing is most likely to reach $40 billion dollars this year according to analyst firm Transparency Market Research. Seeking out a preferred partner as you begin to cross over into the medical device industry is crucial to shortening your design and development time and should work as an extended teammate who understands the nuances of navigating Federal, state and local governing influences increasing the chance of future product approval, safety certification and success.

    While clients may be quite familiar with the core competencies of their current industry and that the medical device industry may share, some of the processes and resources used are, and can be, quite different. Knowing that MedTech Launch is familiar with these nuances can be a relief to customers who may be confused by these differences and are in search of a reliable and trusted strategy.

    So, our recommendation—don’t fly with just anyone—let a tested, trusted and medical device expert pilot your next development project. We know where you need to go and how to get there safely.