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    As a leading source for medical device design and engineering services, MedTech Launch by Genesis Plastics Welding is powering innovation and evolving Go-To-Market strategies for product launch success for clients worldwide. 

    As a collaborative design and development and pre-production solution provider, we bridge the gap for medical device OEMs, innovators and entrepreneurs across the globe through a proven process that strategically takes customers from initial concept to commercialization with the human factor in mind. 

    With the worldwide demand for outsourced design engineering expertise skyrocketing, Genesis Plastics Welding, a Midwest-based industry leading ISO 13485 certified contract manufacturer of radio frequency (RF) welding and heat sealing of thermoplastic products, decided a dedicated division that strategically assists clients to better navigate the product launch process would be of great value. Thus, MedTech Launch was born.

  • MedTech Launch Go-To-Market Strategy

    Our MedTech Launch Go-To-Market strategy focuses on excellence in design and development with an emphasis on foundational components such as, product definition, product requirements, key tolerances, proof of concept, documentation, prototyping, quality management, compliance, regulatory support, labeling, packaging, sterilization, validation, regulatory support and overall manufacturability, while overcoming design hurdles and mitigating risks.

    Our Five Core Values: 

    • Patient Focused
    • Transparency 
    • Documentation
    • Accountability
    • Sustainable Growth

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