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  • Product Ideation: Building a Device Users Will Crave

    It’s been said if you board the wrong train, it’s no use running along the corridor in the opposite direction. The same is true for bringing a medical device to market. Often, innovators and entrepreneurs have a great idea for solving a real-life problem — whether it’s helping caregivers and patients catch a disease early, treat it more effectively, or stay healthier, longer. But in [...]

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    Your Expertise Can Severely Hurt Your Performance

    Your expertise can actually hurt your performance, reports the Harvard Business Review, citing a decade-long research into top executives. Two reasons for that: “The first is overconfidence: believing that brilliance in one area leads to competence in another. The second is when deep knowledge and experience leave leaders incurious, blinkered, and vulnerable — even in their own fields,” [...]

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    Medical Device Development De-Risking

    Risk analysis is an essential component of a Quality Management System (QMS), and a mandatory task for every new medical device set to launch. Medical device development de-risking is best done concurrent with prototyping. As a medical device start-up, your first priority should be a functional prototype and user feedback. Devices that have been de-risked early on within the initial concept [...]

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    11 Essential Medical Device Twitter Accounts

    Twitter is only as informative as the accounts you follow, and let's face it, at times, social media can be a love/hate relationship and a time waster. Are you having trouble staying up-to-date with industry news and trends and unsure of which medical device Twitter accounts to follow? Having trusted go-to accounts and a well-curated news feed can keep you plugged in to the latest news within [...]

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    No Such Thing as a Dumb Question

    Medical Device Design Consultancy In medical device design and in life, there is no such thing as a dumb question. Inc.com notes the ability to embrace asking questions separates successful entrepreneurs from the rest of the crowd. As a leading medical device design consultancy, questions are at the core of how we best support our medical device manufacturing clients with the design, [...]

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