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  • Reality TV Version of Product Development

    Twenty years ago, sitcoms where the thing to watch. The last 10 years have been all about “reality TV." I’m not sure how genuinely “real” it all is. There appears to be a general plot line or series of events that make the episodes interesting. They vary in their amount of “scripting”, but they all contain chaos and surprises. But how does all that play into product development? [...]

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    User Need vs Specification | Why It Matters Series

    User Need vs Specification: What's the Difference? A client reached out about a new device and had a very specific request: “I need the device to be three centimeters long.”  There are two ways to address this.  One way is to make a three-centimeter-long device.  The other is to is to understand why the request is for a particular length. What Are User Needs? What the client gave was a [...]

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